Gia Vendetti – V for Vendetti BTS

To celebrate Gia Vendetti’s arrival at MILF VR, we take a moment to share a sensational selection of behind the scenes photos from V for Vendetti. Gia is absolutely amazing and this slim XXX starlet has really made a name for herself in a relatively short time.

Gia Vendetti, MILF VR BTS 01
Gia Vendetti, MILF VR / V for Vendetti BTS 01

In V for Vendetti, you have been hired to help save Gia from a mundane life of boring dick. You’ll help give her a new sense of freedom as you stretch her tight MILF Pussy and finally give her the hard fucking she deserves.

Behind the Scenes - Gia
More of Gia, MILF VR / Behind the Scenes

Gia looks so damn hot in her bra and fishnets. This cock-hungry cougar has been missing out so your agency sends the very best of that best… That’s you!

Gia's Booty, MILF VR
Gia’s Booty, MILF VR / V for Vendetti

She likes what she sees and begins to undress to get down to the dirty deed. Will you be able to handle all of Gia Vendetti? Find out now in the most immersive MILF sex simulator known to mankind!

Gia Vendetti VR, MILF VR
Gia Vendetti VR, MILF VR / Behind the Scenes

MILF VR delivers downloadable and streaming virtual reality content for Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Daydream, Gear VR and cardboard.

V for Vendetti BTS - Gia Vendetti
More Gia, MILF VR / V for Vendetti

A new VR exclusive is available each and every week. Bring your XXX fantasy to life today.

Sexy Smile from Gia
Sexy Smile from Gia / V for Vendetti

Keep up-to-date with new releases and watch from your favorite adult stars.

V for Vendetti Behind the Scenes Special
One More of Gia, MILF VR / V for Vendetti

Fuck her to freedom!


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