Blonde Cutie Lulu Discovers Deep Pleasures with Vega HD

(22:43 in 4K 2160p)

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This time, Vega wants more than just a standard make out session and Lulu knows it! They've avoided going all the way but this time it's different and there's a whole afternoon to play with. He caresses her soft skin and makes his way down to her panties and the treasure found inside. Lulu can't wait and strips right down so he can really indulge. After some shockingly hot oral play he thrusts into her passionately. Lulu eagerly takes inch after inch as Vega goes deep, making use of the sofa, balcony and anything else that supports Lulu's frame. She's left fulfilled and completely drenched. Enjoy the jaw-dropping detail in 4K video quality.

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