Pecker Nut Crunch - The Hoes Of A Nation

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Tight Holes Big Poles From exclusive site Tight Holes Big Poles

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Kinzie's laying around diddling her poophole one day, and Stephanie walks in and says, holy hell what's this? A big stinky cunt? Kinzie gets all annoyed because she's a good christian and doesn't like the word cunt. But she lets Stephanie much on it anyway because why not. Then John walks in and says in his cokney accent, what's this, a couple of stinky cunts licking each other? Kinzie's still angry and Stephanie thinks it's funny. She tells Kinzie to stop being a stick in the mud and John says I've got a stick I can put in your mud! Then they all start pounding each other to shouts of blimey! And cunt! All the night long.

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